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Training and Resources for the
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LATENT (hidden from view) PRINTS: With less than one private latent-fingerprint professional available for the public to hire per county in most states, the fingerprinting profession can be extremely rewarding to persons possessing accurate skills, modern equipment, and business sense. Very few professions have this little competition, and latent print collection can be a high-paid-per-hour specialty. Yet most states require absolutely no licensing of such fingerprint professionals!

ROLLING (fingers on hard cards or live scan) PRINTS: In most areas, this can be done at your fixed location or as a 'mobile service'. Some states require you to have certification or licensing if you are rolling applicant fingerprint impressions for licensure, employment or certification purposes. To the right persons, this is a profitable business or employment opportunity.

There are no fingerprint academies in most states. In the very few states that do have one, many are either far away, take weeks of your life and cost you a lot of tuition, and/or are not thorough or up to current standards. Instead, learn more in the comfort of your home or office with outstanding full-color training materials, or at an accelerated 'boot camp' or seminar/workshop! From learning the entire basics, or updating your skills with separate modules on the popular specialties or improvements, we are NOT a 'school' or a 'diploma mill'; you are learning these avocational specialties directly from fingerprinting professionals who worked in the actual practice of this profession.

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